Our Mission

At Aadland Dental, we’re fueled by our deep love for Vancouver and the people who encompass it. That’s why it’s our mission to wholeheartedly serve our community with unparalleled comfort and dental excellence. We provide the healthiest, most beautiful smiles that modern dentistry can offer because we believe happy, high quality dental care is the surest way to laugh longer and smile brighter.

Core values

  • Community. Life is better together. From team-based care and lasting patient relationships to community outreach, we seek to make a positive impact in the lives of others.
  • Excellence. We’re constantly keeping up with the latest methods, innovations, and technology in dentistry to deliver only the very best for you and your family.
  • Compassion. We put your needs, goals, and comfort first, so you can always count on our kind team to meet you where you’re at with judgment-free care.
  • Fun. We work hard and we love what we do. Fostering a sense of fun and making lighthearted memories together is part and parcel of life at our office.

Meet Dr. Kristine Aadland

Hi! I’m Dr. Kris, your Vancouver family dentist and founder of Aadland Dental. I feel incredibly grateful to serve my hometown and walk alongside others to bring their best smiles to life. I’m passionate about connecting with patients on a personal level, and can empathize with anyone who fears going to the dentist. Believe it or not, that used to be me! By establishing a practice where dental appointments feel like a relaxing and rewarding spa day for your smile, I’m here to change that.

Growing up in Vancouver, Washington, my parents owned a bridge building company and I used to run heavy equipment (the big CAT machines!). This ignited my love for business, building, and working with my hands, which later translated into a surprising passion for crafting strong, brilliant smiles. I graduated from Oregon Health and Science University in 2006 as a Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry with Clinical Honors, and naturally made my way back to Vancouver to perfect my craft as an associate dentist. In 2009, my dream of starting my own small business finally came to fruition and Aadland Dental was born. Today, there’s nothing I enjoy more than turning dental visits into something truly comfortable, approachable, and memorable for my local community. Seeing patients fall in love with their new teeth and find the freedom to share their smiles again is what my work thrives on. In addition to my formal education, I’m passionate about embracing a life of continued education, sharing my knowledge as a Mentor for CEREC doctors, and staying on the forefront of the newest advancements in dental technology.

As a native of the Pacific Northwest, I enjoy soaking up Vancouvers’s rich outdoor beauty whenever I can. Whether that’s skiing down the sky high mountains of my home state, being on the water, running, or biking, I love to live life to the fullest!

Meet the Team!

Aadland Dental is made up of go-getters, educators, and encouragers who are dedicated to your smile every day. Whether it’s keeping families in the loop with nifty dental knowledge, teaming up to reach your smile goals, or sharing a laugh together, our approach to care is guided by one simple philosophy: treat others the way we would want to be treated.









Insurance Coordinator



Front Desk







Laugh Longer.
Smile Brighter.

“Dance Monkey” Dental Spoof

Dr. Kris and the Aadland team flex their flossiest dance moves to bring back big smiles!

A Day At Aadland Dental

How Technology Pays Off at Aadland Dental

Dental Show With Dr. Kristine Aadland

What to expect

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Soothing Amenities

Inspired by a spa day experience, our office is fitted with modern amenities and calming comforts. Before we treat your smile, feel free to sit back in our patient lounge with complimentary refreshments from our beverage station. With Netflix-equipped TVs, headphones, lavender scented pillows, and warm blankets, our treatment rooms feel like pearly white paradise.

Top-Notch Technology

When you’re at Aadland Dental, you’ll receive the most comfortable, precise, and convenient care in dentistry. Our office features CEREC same-day crowns, CBCT technology, 3D model printing, and all things digital, so you can get back to enjoying your day-to-day life with a healthy, gleaming smile in just one appointment.

Your first visit


Check In with Our Friendly Team

When you walk through the doors of Aadland Dental, our caring crew will welcome you with a warm smile, check you into your appointment, and provide everything you need for a seamless stay.


Customize Your Experience

This is the part where we get to know each other! Looking after every detail, we tailor each visit to your individual needs and preferences before you sit back in the dental chair, so you can truly enjoy your appointment.


Let Us Pamper Your Smile

During your first appointment, our dental pros will refresh and protect your smile with preventive care. We’ll gently polish away any buildup and provide a detailed exam of your teeth and gums.


Smile with Peace of Mind

Dr. Kris will provide a personalized treatment plan to make your smile dreams a reality. She’s here for you with supportive guidance, so you can walk away from your visit with confidence!

We Live for Vancouver

Our Philanthropy

Our vibrant city of Vancouver is home, and always will be. In all that we do here at Aadland Dental, we seek to touch lives in a meaningful and lasting way for the community we know and cherish. Our philanthropic efforts echo our passion for championing the people who make our city so special. From providing education for doctors to partnering with local nonprofits that uplift women in need, giving back is integral to who we are as a practice.